October 2019: artist showcase, The Field Recording Show #4, hosted by Kate Carr and Luca Nasciuti on Resonance Extra (London) more info+

June 2017: Saout Africa(s), contribution to Saout Radio, hosted by artists Anna Raimondo and Younes Baba-Ali, Savvy Funk Berlin, Documenta 14 (Berlin/Kassel)

March 2016: guest musician for the sound-sculpture experiment Jam in the Dark, by artist Larry Achiampong at Royal College of Art (London) more info+

March 2016: exhibition Blind Plural at Hundred Years Gallery (London). more info+

September 201563 variations on the body, a collaboration between AMAE collective and the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto, based on the recorded voice of the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.

June 2015: collaboration with the British dance collective Eleven Farrer House. Soundtrack for the performance Species of Space – Wide Open Coral, presented at Chisenhale Dance Space on 26th June 2015 (London).

May-June 2015: exhibition The Engine Room – International Sound Art Exhibition, Morley Gallery (London). more info+

March-April 2014: curator of Disrupt!on, a performance/sound installation by French artist Julien Bayle, simultaneously based in NMNM (Monaco) and news of the world art space at The Enclave (London). more info+